3 Ways To Reuse or Recycle Yard Signs

With the midterm election behind us, we can finally say goodbye to the endless campaign ads on TV, but what about campaign signs?

Nowadays yard signs are generally made from corrugated plastic: plastic sheets with flutes that look like white plastic cardboard. Lightweight and durable, corrugated plastic signs are not recyclable in the blue cart because they're not a 'container' and require special processing. (Remember: plastic containers are recyclable in the blue cart, other plastics are not.) Does that mean political signs are landfill-bound? Not necessarily. 

1. Paint and personalize 

For yard sales or celebrating special events, a coat of spray paint will leave you with a blank canvas to tout your message.

photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine 

2. DIY storage boxes and basket liners

Easy to cut and more durable than cardboard, campaign yard signs are sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and are easier to work with than metal or wood.  Check out these creative uses:

A:  Storage Boxes - Instructables tutorial by philorr

B: Hanging storage boxes - Instructables tutorial by MattTheMaker

C: Bike basket liner - Tutorial from bikehacks.com

3. Drop off for recycling

Through November 19th, the City of Lombard, in partnership with Lakeshore Recycling Systems, is collecting corrugated plastic signs for recycling. Using a special recycling process,  the signs will be transformed into plastic pellets that can be used to make new plastic products. The metal stands will also be recycled.

When you arrive at the location, pull the stands from the signs and place each in the appropriate dumpster, one is marked 'plastic', the other 'metal'. 

What: Corrugated plastic yard signs and their stand. No vinyl or cardboard signs are accepted.
Where:  Lombard Village Hall Parking Lot, look for two large dumpsters.
When:  Open 24/7 now through Monday, Nov. 19th

We shared our favorite ideas for reusing campaign signs. We'd love to hear yours! Share them on facebook, twitter, or instagram with the hashtag #reusecampaignsigns.



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