The Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility (HCCRF) has reopened. 

Campaign signs: Not recyclable, reusable

FFReady to forget about the 2020 election? I think we all can relate. Here's how to handle disposing of yard signs, no matter whose campaign it was supporting. 

Yard signs are not recyclable in the Blue Cart 

Plastic yard signs are not recyclable in the blue cart because they require special processing to be properly sorted and processed. We weren't able to find a local recycler who wants those.  

The rarer metal yard signs can be recycled with any local metal scrap dealer, but also not in the blue cart. 

There are clever ways to keep yard signs out of the trash bin... through reuse. 

1.  DIY yard signs 

Paint and personalize. For yard sales or celebrating special events, a coat of spray paint will leave you with a blank canvas to tout your message.

photo courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

2. Durable, Colorful, Storage

Easy to cut and more durable than cardboard, campaign yard signs are sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and are easier to work with than metal or wood.  Check out these creative uses.

A:  Storage Boxes - Instructables tutorial by philorr

B: Hanging storage boxes - Instructables tutorial by MattTheMaker

3. Nearly indestructible basket liner

Bike basket liner - Tutorial from

We shared our favorite ideas for reusing campaign signs. We'd love to hear yours. Share them with us on facebook, twitter, or instagram with the hashtag #reusecampaignsigns.

Cover photo credit: Elvert Barnes Tuesday, 20 October 2020 docu-project at from flickr .

Updated 11.02.20



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