The Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility (HCCRF) has temporarily closed. 

Can I recycle aerosol cans?

A: Yes, empty aerosol cans are recyclable.

Aerosol cans are made of highly recyclable steel, similar to a can of Campbell's soup with one important difference. Aerosol cans' contents are under pressure. That's where recycling them gets tricky. 

Aerosol cans need to be completely empty to be sent safely through the recycling process because pressurized gas can explode if crushed during transport or at the sorting facility. Aerosol gasses are flammable as well so be sure to use up all the contents before recycling.  

Not empty?

Aerosol cans that are not empty are considered hazardous waste and need to be taken to the Household Chemical and Computer Recycling Facility (HCCRF) for safe disposal.  



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