Don't bag recyclables. Here's why.

Recyclable items should be placed loosely in the Blue Cart, without a bag of any kind. 

Bags hinder the recycling process by: 

•  Not allowing the haulers to see if other non-recyclable materials are in the Blue Cart.

•  Contaminating otherwise good recycling materials.

•  Wrapping around the equipment at the sorting facility. Plastic bags damage machines and cause shutdowns, wasting time and tax dollars.

Watch this video and you'll never try to recycle a plastic bag again. 

Video courtesy of DNA Info Chicago

Where to Recycle Plastic Bags 

All kinds of plastics and wrap that aren't recyclable at home, are recyclable at local grocery and major retailers.  Think clean plastic bags, and even the plastic wrap from toilet paper and paper towels, they can all be collected together and dropped off at local stores. 

Enter your zip code here to find nearby stores that recycles plastic bags and wrap. 

How can I store and dispose of my recyclables without a bag?

1.   Continue to collect recyclables in a bag and then empty the recyclables from the bag loose into the Blue Cart.  Bags can be reused or thrown into the black cart.


2.   Recyclables can be collected in a reusable bin, box, or bag and then emptied loose into the Blue Cart. 

As of January 2016, Blue Carts containing bagged recyclables will be collected as trash, not as recycling. 



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