Give back without leaving the house

Imagine stuffing a box with give-worthy stuff, and then ship it off to a charity for free. Sounds dreamy, right? Thanks to Give Back Box, doing good is that easy.

How it Works

Fill up any old box with your donations (literally, fill it up - shipping air is a waste) then go to to print your FREE UPS shipping label. No UPS nearby? No problem. Pickup service through USPS and tax donation receipts are also available through the site.  

Be sure to "click here" before printing to get the right kind of label. (see below) 

What's accepted:

Include clean, gently worn clothing, shoes, and jewelry and other household goods.  Give generously, and include quality pieces so the program continues to succeed. No junk, electronics, hazardous stuff, or breakable things.  

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Through partnerships with USPS, UPS, Amazon, Overstock, GoodWill and others, Give Back Box is a welcome addition to  the fight against clothing waste*.   

The program also ensures that the shipping boxes are recycled.  

*New York City spends over $20 million annually to ship textiles to landfills and incinerators.  Learn more

Slashing Wardrobe Waste

Last year, the clothing industry manufactured fourteen pieces of clothing for every person on earth.  And a majority of those clothes ends up in a landfill or incinerator within one year.   

Some tips from the pros for cutting wardrobe waste: 

• Before you buy: Try to imagine at least three occasions where you'll wear that piece. If you come up short, give it a pass. 

• Buy Second Hand. By forgoing manufacturing and much of the transportation, used goods save an enormous amount of resources and energy.  Plus, you can cash in on quality items at a discount. 

• Buy Quality.  Quality construction and materials last longer, wear better, and can be repaired when the need arises.  

Thanks to Give Back Box, it's never been easier to pack a box full of joy for those in need.  We're smitten. 

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