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No Carve, No Waste, Pumpkin Decorating

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It's estimated that 40% of the food grown in the U.S. is wasted. That's $165 billion worth of food that ends up in our landfills each year, taking with it all the water, nutrients, labor, and energy that was used to produce it.

These no-carve pumpkin decorations are stylish, simple to make and preserve the flesh of the pumpkin, so they can go from decoration to dessert with zero-waste.  Buy pie (aka: sugar) pumpkins instead of carving pumpkins for the sweetest, smoothest flesh.  

1. Add nature's garland.

2. A simple trimmed touch. 

3. This natural beauty makes use of dried corn husks.

Keep adhesive toxin free by using a natural glue like this rice glue recipe

4. Pumpkins in a stocking! A ghoulishly simple way to add some pizazz to your pumpkins.

5.  Imagine these as a stunning centerpiece...

6. Keep it classy with classic doilies.

7. Plaid is hot, hot, hot this season. These beauties use non-toxic, easy to remove, washi tape!

8. Webbed up and ready to go.

9.  Leafy and lovely.

10. Mummy Dearest! 

Uncarved and kept indoors, pumpkins can last up to three months. Pick pie pumpkins without any blemishes to provide the freshest, tastiest flesh for your favorite pumpkin recipes. 

Not into cooking pumpkins? Compost them on Pumpkin Smash Saturday (November 6th)! Choose from seven Chicago neighborhood events to compost your pumpkins or smash them if you dare... 


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