Where can I recycle styrofoam in Chicago?

The new Dart collection center accepts styrofoam for recycling, 24/7. 

Dart Container Corp has opened a collection center for residents and businesses to recycle polystyrene foam (aka: PS #6 foam or Styrofoam). They accept foam in any form except for packing peanuts*.  Coolers, cups, foam packing blocks, egg cartons, plates and to-go containers are all game, they can be droped off 24/7, rain or shine.  Reminder, polystyrene is not recyclable in the Blue Cart

Polystyrene foam can be recycled into some surprising things like picture frames, baseboards, and crown moldings.

* Most shipping stores (like UPS and FedEx) accept packing peanuts for reuse.

How to participate

•  ensure your foam has the little "6" chasing arrows symbol
•  rinse or wipe food from containers
•  remove straws, lids, tape - everything that's not PS foam
•  put the foam in a transparent bag and seal it 

The bag is necessary to keep pieces from floating away and becoming litter. 

Businesses with large deliveries should call 773-838-2515 and ask for facilities.

Good to know:  Although PS #6 foam is commonly referred to as "styrofoam", it's not styrofoam at all. Styrofoam™ is the name of a product manufactured by Dow. Styrofoam was originally adopted in 1942 by the U.S. Coast Guard for use in a six-man life raft.

 Drop-off 24/7 

Dart Container Corp, 7575 S. Kostner Ave.  The drop-off location is on the  Southeast corner of the building on 76th Street. Look for the sign and big metal cage. 

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