5 Extra Large Forget-Me-Nots

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They might not be everyday items, but boy are they important to recycle. These oversized plastics are chock-full of resources that manufacturers need to make new products. 

Recycling conserves energy and CO2 emissions by putting our natural resources back to work, instead of burying them in the ground.   

Recycle These Five Every Time

1. Deli and Bakery Trays 

Think plastic cake and pie trays, deli meat trays, and hinged clear muffin containers (sometimes called 'clam shells' because of their shape), they're all recyclable.  Just eat the contents, rinse and recycle. 

2.  Water Jugs 

Like milk jugs, one and 2.5-gallon water jugs are made from high-density polyethylene (or HDPE). HDPE is a light-weight, strong, bouncy plastic that is commonly accepted in recycling programs across the US, including AustinHoustonLos AngelesPhiladelphia, and of course Chicago

3. Kitty Litter Containers 

All kitty litter containers, both jugs and buckets, are recyclable. Just give them a tap to remove any remaining grains, and toss them in the blue cart, lids and all. 

4. Old Buckets 

The city wants your leaky buckets and beach pails up to 5-gallons in size for recycling. Remove metal handles when possible. 

If buckets are in good condition, please donate them instead. Local animal rescues, garden centers, and youth centers are often needy of buckets, and donation centers are happy to take them too. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle as a last resort. 

5. Detergent Jugs  

Thick and sturdy, detergent jugs take lots of energy to produce. We can recapture some of that energy by ensuring every last one is recycled. 

Recycling a one-gallon detergent jug saves enough energy to power a washing machine for 2 hours. 

source: EPA iWARM

Which extra-large plastics are not recyclable? 

Crates, laundry baskets, lawn furniture and other odd-shaped plastics are not accepted in the blue cart due to their shape and/or material composition. 



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