Can I recycle pizza boxes?

Yes, as long as they're clean and empty. 

NEW:  Chicago is now accepting pizza boxes!  

Due to an increase in online shopping, the demand for cardboard to make shipping boxes has skyrocketed.  To make new boxes, paper manufactures need recycled cardboard, or they have to rely on trees.  

So please recycle up those pizza boxes just make sure to empty them completely: remove any leftovers, liners and little plastic triangles if there is one.  If the bottom of the box is overly greasy, just recycle the clean parts. 

Why is only clean cardboard accepted?

Oil interferes with the paper recycling process.  To recycle paper,  paper is put through a pulping process that uses water to mash the paper back into cellulose fibers. When oil or food enters the paper stream the quality of the new paper deteriorates. 

Tip: Greasy cardboard can be composted. Tear cardboard into small pieces to speed up decomposition. 



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