Compost those pumpkins, Chicago

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Maybe you've heard that pumpkins are made of 90% water. That's good for our soil, but not good for our landfills.  Another fun fact, Illinois is the nation's pumpkin capital. Our pumpkin farmers outproduce other states year after year.

Why compost?

By composting pumpkins instead of sending them to the landfill, we divert valuable waste and create a nutrient-rich soil additive instead.  

Another reason to compost?  Methane. When pumpkins and other food waste is sent to the landfill, they produce methane as they break down. Methane is a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. 

Where to compost pumpkins in Chicago

SCARCE is once again hosting Pumpkin Smash Events across several counties on Saturday, November 7.  All participants must wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing. Pumpkins painted with acrylic paint are accepted, all other adornments should be removed. 

Gale Community Academy (Rogers Park)
Address: 1631 West Jonquil Terrace (map) 
Sponsored By: CommUnity Makery
When: Sat, Nov 7th, 9am-12pm

St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Church (Edgewater)
Address: 5649 N. Sheridan Rd (South end of parking lot) (map)
Sponsored By: Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project (EESP)
When: Sat, Nov 7, 12-4pm

Plant Chicago @ The Firehouse (Back Of The Yards)
Address: 4459 S. Marshfield (map) 
Sponsored By: Plant Chicago, University of Illinois Extension
When: Sat, Nov 7th,  9am-12pm

Solorio Acadamy High School (Gage Park)
Address: 5400 S St. Louis Avenue (map)
When: Sat, Nov 7th 9am-12pm



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