Recycling & Trash Services

Need Service?

The City of Chicago provides recycling and trash services to single-family homes and apartments/condos with four units or less.  If you live in a building with more than four units, it's the responsibility of the building owner/manager to provide recycling.  

If your building isn't recycling, here's how to start.  

Need a new trash or recycling cart?  

Please call 312-746-6040

Report a missed pickup: 

To report a missed pickup please call 311


Use the new  Chi311 online system.  Select 'garbage & recycling' then follow the prompts.  If you create an account you can track the progress too.

Collection Schedule:

Trash is picked up weekly, recycling is picked up every 2 weeks. 

View your collection schedule

Recycling Guidelines

•  Household recycling guide:  see what's recyclable, what's not, and how to handle the tricky stuff. 

•  Test your skills with Chicago's recycling Quiz. 



Stay informed.

Get notified about updates to your city's recycling program.

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