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glass hazardous metal oil & paint organic (plant/animal) paper & cardboard paper & cardboard plastic



These recyclables are taken to a recycling facility where they are processed back into raw materials for reuse. 

glass jars

glass beverage bottles


wine, beer, soda



milk, juice, broth, soy, wine, juice boxes, etc. 



fliers, letters, printer paper, holiday cards, envelopes, postcards

phone books, paperback books


hardback books

Give used

books, CDs and DVDs new life...

Donate them!

American Book Drive



sticky notes

(aka: Post It® notes) 


gift wrap


wrapping paper, gift bags (with strings removed) 


No metallic or glittery paper

cardboard boxes


shipping, moving, office etc.

food boxes


cereal, pasta, frozen food, etc. 


separate the liners before recycling

shredded paper


only when placed in transparent plastic bag and tied close



toilet paper, paper towel, gift wrap, etc.

Scrape food residue off recyclables. They don't need to be spotless, just get all the chunks out. 

Dry items before placing them in your cart.


Liquids decrease the value of recycled paper. 

plastic bathroom containers


bottles, tubs, jugs and their lids


plastic kitchen



bottles, tubs, jugs, and their lids


plastic hangers

clear plastic cups

plastic laundry & cleaning supply bottles

takeout containers


NO Styrofoam

plastic bags and film

Stuff all your plastic bags into one before tossing them in the recycle cart. 

Loose plastic bags can drift into the air during transport, and they also jam the recycling machines.  


Bundling is better. 


milk and juice jugs

foil takeout containers, foil trays

aluminum foil balls

steel cans


coffee, soup, vegetables, pet food, etc.

aluminum cans


beer, soda, etc.



These items are turned into nutrient-rich compost and mulch. 



including meat, vegetables, bones and leftovers

oily or food crusted

TIP: tear off the greasy
parts and recycle the rest

greasy paper

shredded paper

napkins and tissues

paper towels

disposable coffee cups

grass clippings

garden trimmings


plants, flowers, leaves, brush

branches under 3" in diameter and 3' in length. 


popsicle sticks




These items are considered hazardous and by law, can't be placed in the trash.

To order free pickup call 800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form.



household batteries


Order free pickup:

Call 1-800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form.

Jiffy Lube

S.A.F.E. Centers



Order free pickup:

Call  1-800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form

Best Buy


Motor Oil & Filters

Order free pickup:

Call 1-800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form


Did you know you can schedule home collection for these items? 

Just call  1-800-714-1195 or fill out the online Pickup Request Form

Paint & Stains

Order free pickup:

Call  1-800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form

Dunn Edwards
Frazee Paints


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Order free pickup:

Call 1-800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form.

Use caution when disposing of broken fluorescent

light bulbs...

Here's how to do it safely:



Household Chemicals


products with corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients 

Order free pickup:

Call  1-800-714-1195 or fill out the Pickup Request Form


Order free pickup:

Call  1-800-714-1195 or fill out a Pickup Request Form online. 

This medication drop-box is open 24/7. 



This is the stuff that goes into landfills and remains there for generations. Reduce or reuse these items whenever possible.

polystyrene & styrofoam

takeout containers, cups, plates, packing peanuts, coolers

Drop-off packing peanuts for reuse at local shipping stores like UPS. 


opaque plastic cups

(like Solo®)



fast food cups and straws



plastic utensils

all biodegradable and compostable plastics,


utensils, plates, bags

VHS tapes



disposable, compostable, and biodegradable

bubble wrap

Don't treat your old clothes like trash... 

Santa Monica's partner

USAgain accepts used clothing and shoes in any condition. 

Enter your zip code for the dropbox nearest you. 



potato chip bags, candy bar wrappers, coffee bags, etc. with plastic on the outside and foil on the inside.

foil drink pouches and straws

garden hoses

animal waste

pet food bags

incandescent light bulbs


(fluorescent light bulbs cannot be disposed of curbside, please see orange section below). 


Stay informed.

Get notified about updates to your city's recycling program.